The qualifications of a builder are vital

If Dearborn Builders is fortunate enough to be able to work with you and your family, you will want to read the credentials of the firm’s Managers. But for now, here are just a few items about the founder and principal, Ed Dearborn (no one calls him Edward).

Ed was not only raised in Point Pleasant Beach, but he and his wife Jennifer and four children still make their home here. Having basically always been a local, he has an innate knowledge of the area conducive to building homes along the New Jersey Coast.

Crafting his first home at nineteen, Ed knows the intricate details of building homes specific to this region. His local knowledge is paramount to quality, aesthetics and durable construction.

Ed and his staff and firm have earned a reputation for honesty and professionalism.

Whether you are thinking about a renovation or building a new home now or just want some advice and council for the future, Ed is always open and ready to meet for coffee and listen to your questions.

The best way to judge a builder is to talk to previous and current clients and to actually see and walk the examples of their work.

Ed has an expression he likes – why just build a home, build for life.